I’m Rachel! Thank you so much for stopping by my profile to hear about my story and learn a little about me as a prospective parent. 

I have the utmost dignity and respect for you as you consider the best option for your baby. I teach bravery and courage for a living and I deeply appreciate the bravery and considerations in this decision you are weighing. If I am the right fit for you, I promise you that a child will always know who you are. You will be spoken of with care and respect daily. 

I was born to be a mom – in fact, my staff at a former job used to refer to me as “Mama Rach!” I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Although life hasn’t yet brought a special someone to start the journey of parenting with, I am VERY MUCH ready to be a single mom. While I would still love to meet a great guy and partner, please know that a child will always come first. 

I have so much love in my heart and my diverse friends and family are so excited to welcome, love and cherish a new member of our “village.” I have friends of many different races and they have all committed to helping me best parent a child if s/he may be of a different race. 

I hope you consider me and my extended family to welcome and love your child. It would be the honor of a lifetime. 

Thank you,


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Financial Support

Expectant mothers who choose to make an adoption plan may qualify for some level of financial assistance during their pregnancy. However, each person's situation and specific needs are different. Your adoption social worker can help you determine what level of assistance you qualify for and deserve. Many expectant mothers qualify for financial assistance to cover basic pregnancy and living expenses, including but not limited to - transportation reimbursement, utility assistance for phone, water, and electricity/gas, maternity clothing and supplements, etc.


Food & Groceries


Medical Expenses


Rent & Utilities


Household Items





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FAQ’s about placing a baby for Adoption

I'm considering giving my baby up for adoption. How much does that cost?

It won't cost you anything. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, all of your medical and legal fees will be covered and you may be eligible for financial assistance with other pregnancy-related expenses.

I'm experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don't know who the birth father is. Can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes. Even if you don’t know the identity of the birth father, you can still choose to make an adoption plan. However, every adoption situation is different. The adoption social worker you’re assigned to will get to know you and your story first, and then guide you through the process accordingly.

When is the right time to talk with an adoption professional?

You can make an adoption plan at any point in your pregnancy, even after the baby has been born. But, it's important to start the process as early in your pregnancy as possible. Connecting with those resources will allow you to gain access to important medical services, including prenatal care, to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When I create an adoption plan, will I get to choose who is in the room with me during delivery?

One aspect of your adoption plan is the "Hospital Plan" an outline of how you'd like your hospital stay and delivery to go. You can craft this on your own or with the help of your adoption social worker. But everything is up to you. You’ll be able to choose who comes to the hospital with you, who is in the room with you during delivery, and how much time you’d like to spend with the baby before signing the final papers.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family after I place my baby with them?

As part of your adoption plan, you'll determine whether or not you’d like to have an open or closed adoption or something in between. Open adoptions may include phone calls, messaging (via social media, email, or text), and/or periodic visits each year. Closed adoptions may include no contact at all or annual updates provided to the birth parent(s) by the adoptive family. Each post-adoption relationship is different and can vary based on what an expectant mother chooses in her adoption plan.

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My Blog

Irish Adventures


November brought me to visit Ireland with a close friend/colleague of mine.  It had been on my short list for so long to visit the country and it didn't disappoint!    Despite it being November and the offseason, we had pretty decent weather (including seeing a rainbow every single day we were there).  We found the Irish people very warm, helpful and friendly - and always up for a joke or funny comment.    Thankfully my friend knew how to drive on the other side of the road, so we were able to see so much of the countryside, which was my favorite part.  I loved the Cliffs of Moher and driving along the Wild Atlantic Way.  My friend convinced me to do a polar dip in the Atlantic - yep, no way I'm ever doing that again!  I was in for like 3 seconds, took a pic and out. I'll take my cozy jacket and a cup of tea anyday.  My favorite part was visiting Galway, which is a university town. It was a teriffic way to celebrate my birthday checking out the Christmas market, hearing some traditional live Irish music and doing some window shopping and people watching....

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Honoring Loved Ones


This has been a year of losses for me and the family - starting the year by losing my grandmother and my dog- both of whom I was extremely close with- amidst other losses.   I've always wanted to create an ofrenda to honor my loved ones during Dia De Los Muertos (think of the movie "Coco" if you're not familiar with the tradition).    One of my closest friends is Mexican and helped guide me to do so.  This year it felt really important to do so. It's still a work in progress, but I love how it's coming together and the bright colors.  It's helping me really honor and remember loved ones, and to celebrate them.    And one interesting note- this table it's on actually is my changing table when I was a baby that my grandfather built for me!     I had braces on my legs for a short period when I was a baby to straighten my hips, and there are still marks from me banging my legs against the dresser. See, even then I wanted to explore!  :). But I think Grampa would be happy to see how it's been repurposed.

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Riding the"Bag Bus"


Recently, I went on our annual beach trip to the beach in NC. It's a restorative time with "framily" (friends who are "family").    This was Smudge's first trip - he did well, though very much stayed on a leash due to the strong waves from the hurricane at sea.  He was a HUGE fan of chasing the seafoam that was spraying.   However, the sand was way too hot one day for those little paws.  Enter the "bag bus"!  Ever resourceful, we got smart about how to carry him as well as the beach umbrella. It was a mesh bag so he could see what was happening, as well as breathe well (it was a short path).   He suprisingly loved his new ride!   Though I can see a beach wagon in our future....

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Upstate NY July Getaway


Hot, hot, hot July here in the DMV!   I usually try to escape the heat and humidity in early July if I can and this time took a trip with Smudge, a friend, and her dog to upstate NY.  Beautiful weather, lots of family friendly things to do, relaxing, and even more so, the beauty of the Finger Lakes.  We took a boat out with Smudge- he did well! I bought him a shark life jacket - because I mean, c'mon, who doesn't need one of those?  :).   

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Visiting the Land that Built Me


I recently travelled back to Connecticut, where I was born and raised. (We were there to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary!). While there, I was able to drive around the state some, and visit some of my favorite places. If I am a Red Sox fan, I'm even more a UConn Huskies fan!  This was our state "hometown team" and I went to basketball camp there as a little girl, as well as many games to watch both the men and women's teams (have I mentioned we are NCAA National Champions this year?   :).  It was a great trip. We celebrated my parents, I reunited with some friends from high school, and our extended family, friends and their young children had a great time at the celebration.  I feel extremely lucky to have this village of loving, caring people of all generations to bring a little one into. 

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Spring Blooms


A busy but productive season of work and teaching the last few months!  One of the things I love about my job is I have the honor and joy of working with so many different industries, people and organizations. My work recently brought me near the U.S. Botanic Garden one morning.     Stunning day to see all the spring flowers in bloom, with the U.S. Capitol in the background.  It's a great reminder of how many free, educational, and beautiful sights there are here in the DMV.  With the spring break season here as well, lots of tour groups and children at the Garden.  What a gem in the heart of the city.

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Meet Smudge!


Meet Smudge!  The newest member of the family :) January was a heartbreaking month. Just 10 days after my grandmother's funeral, I had to put down my sweet girl Moxie. She was (and will always be) my canine soulmate. It absolutely was the right thing to do, but it also absolutely broke my heart.  I had her for over 10 years and will miss and love her forever.  I hear her voice a lot as I grieve her - and it told me to foster for a little bit. So I talked to the organization I got Moxie from and thought "Sure, let's foster for a little bit. Open my home to a doggie that needs some love." Here's how that went: February 13- Picked up Smudge to foster February 17 - He fell asleep in my lap with his belly up in the air. March 10 - Adopted Smudge!  Welcome to the family. He is a smart loving boy whose previous owner passed away.  He loves chasing and catching leaves (and he sure does love his food).   And- it is super great to have a dog in the house again.    I know Moxie and Gram are together...

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Traditions and Transitions


The last 2-3 months have been very full with life, holidays and family.  We celebrated Christmas including the Feast of the Seven Fishes with "Framily."  (We might have only had 6 fishes this time due to a last minute cancellation... ssh, don't say anything).  Right after the holiday I traveled to Florida for a family wedding.  Joyful, warm, and wonderful to be with my lively and loving extended family.   Unfortunately, my beloved grandmother passed away on New Year's Eve.  She was my person. Althought it was not unexpected, we still grieve yet celebrate her beautiful long life (95 years!!) and impact while on earth.  I am the woman I am today in no small tribute to her influence and hands....though while I've learned her tricks to make homemade pasta, I lean on my mother for cookie making. I didn't inherit that! My gram was a lovely, lovely person.  Our family had lots of laughs, tears, and stories of this beautiful human being. Here's to celebrating a life well lived and the circle of life.  ❤️

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Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in my home with my parents and friends last week.  One of my favorite traditions is to invite friends to Thanskgiving dinner that may not be seeing their families for the holiday. It leans on two of my highest values- warmth and belonging.  I love opening my home to loved ones and this holiday was no exception.  We talked about our moments of gratitude, our highlights from the year, what some of our challenges were - oh, and also had a lot of laughs and amazing food!  

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Fall adventures continue, this time bringing me to NYC for a belated birthday celebration for a dear friend.   We had amazing weather, which allowed us to get quite a bit of walking in (8 miles one day!) We were able to check out the High Line, which is a converted railroad track that they have now made into a walkable park.  We also were able to check out a couple of Broadway shows, including MJ, which is the story of Michael Jackson (Believe me- I haven't stopped singing or dancing since.  "Thriller" is on repeat!) We saw that Macy's already had the holiday decorations up and I'm guessing they are prepping for the parade which is in a few short weeks. One of my favorite traditions is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as Thanksgiving dinner is cooking.  The holiday season is upon us!  It was nice to walk around the flagship store to see it as it starts to get decked out.   Nothing I love more than being outdoors and exploring... The short trip with a wonderful friend reallly filled my cup this weekend. 

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Fall Adventures


Fall is by far my favorite time of the year, and I try to be outside as much as possible during this time of year.   As a New England gal, I love the cool, crips days and leaves changing- I'm 100% here for friends, family, and Fall vibes!  There is actually a jasmine plant on my street that has a beautiful fragrance that hits the air on sunny days in October.   Moxie and I hang outside on the front porch or with friends to soak up the good smells of Fall and fire pits. This Fall has had great adventures already - seeing Elton John with my father, visiting the Blue Ridge mountains on a day trip, and celebrating the wedding of good friends.  Work has been fulfulling as well, with lots of opportunities to work with groups such as cardiologists, phsycians associates, government employees, and nonprofit leaders.  It even took me to WV for a one day session. A few more adventures planned before Fall closes out, including a trip to NYC and down to NC to see friends and family.  For a girl who likes to explore - Fall is my jam to do so :)

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